TORINO, ITALY, September 2, 2020

Tyvak International announces the successful launch of FSSCat Mission. FSSCat, or “Federated Satellite Systems on 3Cat” is the winner of the 2017 Copernicus Master “ESA Sentinel Small Satellite Challenge (S^3)”. Proposed by the Universitat Politèctica de Catalunya (UPC) and developed by a consortium composed of UPC (ES), Deimos Engenharia (PT), Golbriak Space (EE), COSINE (NL) and Tyvak International (IT). FSSCat embarks Φ-Sat 1, the first on-board ESA initiative on Artificial Intelligence (AI) promoted by the Φ Department and implemented as an enhancement of the FSSCat mission.

The spacecraft are healthy and fully operational in orbit. The team is fully dedicated to the spacecraft LEOP and commissioning phase, expecting to start a nominal operation phase in a few weeks.

OSM-1 is a GeoOptics CICERO radio occultation cubesat built in Monaco by Orbital Solutions Monaco, based on Tyvak design and built with the supervision of Tyvak International team.

Media contact:

Max Kiejdan
Terran Orbital Corporation
(949) 344-5886