MISSION: FSSCat is a novel mission concept consisting of two satellites based on the 6U Tyvak recurrent platform. The mission is developed and operated by Tyvak in the framework of ESA Earth Observation Small Satellite Challenge.
PAYLOAD: The satellites carry 6 payloads including a GNSS-Reflectometer, two optical inter-satellite link payloads, an Hyperspectral imager and two RF-inter-satellite link payloads.


MISSION: Designed by Tyvak with a commercial partner to demonstrate Search & Rescue capabilities, COMMTRAIL is a machine-to-machine communication demonstration and validation vehicle, designed to acquire signals from Ground Terminals and downlink to Ground Stations.
PAYLOAD: COMMTRAIL payload is a UHF software defined radio (SDR) equipped with a customized deployable helix antenna.


MISSION: IPERDRONE is a proximity operations mission funded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI). This first mission is the initial risk-reduction step of a long-term program developing a multi-functional re-entry system able to perform autonomous on-orbit operations.
PAYLOAD: IPERDRONE’s payloads include a diverse set of instruments for relative navigation, a customized propulsion system and dedicated computing capability supporting the vehicle navigation and enabling proximity operations maneuvers.


MISSION: Eutelsat LEO for Objects (ELO) is a nanosatellite commissioned by Eutelsat Communications, one of the world’s leading satellite operators. ELO will be used to assess the performance of low earth orbit satellites in providing narrowband connectivity for objects.
PAYLOAD: Multi-frequency antennas, flexible RF front-ends solutions, and a customized software defined radio (SDR) drawing on the technology of Sigfox, which runs a unique global narrowband network dedicated to the IoT.


MISSION: ARGO is an On-Orbit Demonstration Mission aimed at validation of a new generation of star trackers. The program is co-funded by the European Commission through Horizon 2020 SME Instrument.
PAYLOAD: Multicamera system for spacecraft autonomous attitude determination by means of star observation.


MISSION: The Community Initiative for Continuous Earth Monitoring (CICERO) is a constellation of 6U nanosatellites used to collect climate and weather data for commercial companies and governments that currently operates in low earth orbit. The spacecraft has been developed together with Orbital Solutions Monaco.
PAYLOAD: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Radio Occultation (RO), which is a miniaturized version of the NASA/JPL developed “TriG” payload, named Cion.


MISSION: The Centauri satellites form part of a constellation commissioned by Fleet Space Technologies to deliver global connectivity solutions. 
PAYLOAD: It consists of the world’s first 3D printed all-metal patch antenna array combined with Digital Beamforming in S-Band frequency. 


MISSION: MILANI is a CubeSat developed as part of the ESA HERA mission, a planetary defence mission which is part of the Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment (AIDA) international collaboration with NASA, responsible for the DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) kinetic impactor spacecraft. MILANI CubeSat is devoted to the visual inspection and dust detection of Didymos asteroid following DART impact. Milani will be launched aboard Hera in 2024 and after a +2years of cruise phase onboard HERA mothercraft, will reach the asteroids system to execute the baseline mission (duration ca 12 weeks).
PAYLOAD: MILANI main Payload is the “Asteroid Spectral Imager” ASPECT, a Finnish miniaturised hyperspectral imager, combining visible and near infrared wavelengths to survey the surface down to a maximum spatial resolution of 1 m. Along with ASPECT, Milani has the VISTA secondary payload, an Italian-built dust detector devoted to detect the presence of dust particles smaller than 5-10 µm, to detect volatiles and light organics characterization and to monitor the molecular contamination in the surrounding of MILANI.